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The ghosts that summoned me

Documentary, 2016 (in post-production)

Saroos - Orange Book

Music Video

Masha Qrella - Ticket to my heart

Music Video

Masha Qrella - DJ

Music Video

Masha Qrella - Keys

Music Video

  1. 1.    Picture Lock for THE GHOSTS THAT SUMMONED ME

  2. 2.    ORANGE BOOK (Saroos, music video) @ Short Film Festival Oldenburg

  3. 3.    DJ (Masha Qrella, music video) @ Bali Minikino Film Week, Indonesia

  4. 4.    THE GHOSTS, THAT SUMMONED ME @ Market, Docs Barcelona

  5. 5.    DJ (Masha Qrella, music video) wins the Award for BEST MUSIC VIDEO in Cluj, Romania

  6. 6.    DJ (Masha Qrella, music video) @ The New York City Independent Film Festival & The Arthouse Filmfestival Hong Kong

  7. 7.    THE GHOSTS THAT SUMMONED ME in post production, editor Andre Nier

  8. 8.     THE GHOSTS THAT SUMMONED ME receives the 25p cine grant and the Bremer Dokumentarfilmpreis

  9. 9.     THE GHOSTS THAT SUMMONED ME funded by FFA, Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film and BKM




Documentary (in progress)

Masha Qrella - Bogota

(in progress)

Dead for good (WT)

Documentary (in progress)